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Private Body Guards

Metropolitan Asset Security understands the concerns of individuals in both the business and private sectors requiring protection services. Recent developments in national and international politics and technology have contributed to a world where the need for protection has increased. Our personal security and executive protection services help to keep important people safe at all times, no matter what their industry. VIP protection and executive protection is provided for individuals that have legitimate concerns based on real world threats. Our officers can address all your security service needs in a professional and tactful manner.

Bodyguard protection services are particularly useful for people who are in potential danger of personal attacks. Personal protection bodyguards help many different types of people who are being stalked or threatened.

It’s also often very important that personal protection bodyguards be available 24/7, even on weekends, nights, and holidays. We take your security very seriously and can provide multiple bodyguards in rotating shifts to keep you safe at all times.

Personal protection bodyguard service often entails the following responsibilities, for which Metropolitan Asset Security team of professionals can handle seamlessly for you.

These are some of the most common tasks that Metropolitan Asset Security bodyguards assist our clients with on a regular basis.

The media often portrays images of bodyguards being bulky, intimidating figures; however, different types of bodyguards are best suited to specific clients and situations. For example, bodyguard styles can be vastly different depending on whether you need executive, personal, celebrity, or VIP protection.

These are some of the most important characteristics to look for in a body guard service.

  • Physically fit for defense
  • Strong communication skills
  • Familiarity with the area
  • Excellent planning and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to act quickly in emergency situations
  • Discretion in sensitive environments
  • Ability to work long, demanding shifts
  • Loyalty and dedication
  • Previous relevant bodyguard experience


frequently asked questions

Our personal bodyguards are highly trained professionals with backgrounds in law enforcement, military, or specialized security training. They possess certifications in personal protection, crisis management, and first aid, ensuring they are prepared for any situation.

We adhere to strict confidentiality protocols to protect our clients’ privacy. All our bodyguards sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and are trained to handle sensitive information with the utmost discretion.

Absolutely. We specialize in providing discreet and effective protection for high-profile individuals, including celebrities, executives, politicians, and other public figures.

We conduct a comprehensive risk assessment to understand the client’s unique security needs. This includes evaluating potential threats, reviewing daily routines, and identifying any vulnerabilities. Based on this assessment, we develop a personalized protection plan.

Depending on the client’s needs and local regulations, our bodyguards can be armed or unarmed. We ensure that any armed personnel are fully licensed and trained in the use of firearms.

The process starts with an initial consultation to discuss your security needs and concerns. We then conduct a risk assessment and propose a tailored protection plan. Once agreed upon, we assign bodyguards who best match your requirements.

Our bodyguards are trained in emergency response and crisis management. They can handle various situations, such as medical emergencies, threats, and evacuations, ensuring the client’s safety at all times.

Beyond personal protection, we offer services such as secure transportation, residential security, event security, and risk management consultations. We aim to provide a comprehensive security solution to meet all our clients’ needs.


If you’re planning an event and want to ensure the safety and security of your guests, look no further than Metropolitan Asset Security. Our experienced team provides top-notch security services for all types of events. Contact us today for a customized security plan tailored to your specific needs.